Penn Station

Penn Station

I was on a flight from Houston to New York City with a stop at BWI (Baltimore), when my friend Tara called mid-layover and told me that there was a party that night in Philadelphia. So I begged Southwest for my bags, skipped the last leg of my flight to NYC and grabbed a bus to Philly. That’s one of the things I love most about the East Coast – it’s so easy to get everywhere.

The next day I caught a train from Philly to NYC on Amtrak – and that’s the first time I ever stepped foot in Penn Station. Serving over 1000 passengers every 90 seconds, Penn Station can be an overwhelming experience. For comparison’s sake, Grand Central serves just over 140K passengers each day – while Penn Station serves more than double that. Located in the underground levels of Pennsylvania Plaza between 7th and 8th avenue – the terminal sits in the heart of Midtown Manhattan.

Now almost exclusively the home to Amtrak – Penn Station is the busiest train station in North America.

I’m not sure if I would have ever encountered Penn Station from a passenger’s perspective – if I hadn’t decided to attend that party in Philly on a whim…but I can’t stop thinking about that first walk through the station. Rolling my luggage across that famous pink marble floor through a sea of travelers – only to alight onto the mad streets of Manhattan – a row of cabs waiting to take me anywhere I might dare to go.

Ready To See Those Marble Floors For Yourself?

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