14 Awesome Sights Most Visitors Miss

With 13 years’ experience planning vacations in New York and other cities, our Experts have prepared a free report called “14 Awesome Sights Most NYC Visitors Miss.” All of the sights and experiences below are missed by most visitors to New York City because they don’t know they exist. We hope this helps you plan a fantastic trip to NYC. Our expert NYC Tour Guides know about them, so we added them to our tours. We don’t think you should miss them, so we include all of these items if you take the NY See It All!, NY See The Lights!, and NY See the Foliage Tours from OnBoard New York.

New York See The Lights Tour - NYC Night Tours

Iconic Manhattan Skyline

Here’s the List of NYC Attractions:

1) First Terrorist Attack in the USA.
The chinks in the wall of the Morgan Bank Building on Wall Street, the remnants of the first terrorist attack on US soil—in 1920! (See it on the NY See The Best! & NY See It All! & Premium NY See It All)

2) Truly Experience Ground Zero.
Having a tour guide stand with you and point out all of the points of interest at Ground Zero, including experiencing the 9/11 Memorial in the shadow of the One World Trade building, the relationship of the World Trade Center site to St. Paul’s Chapel, the footprints of the twin towers, and more. (NY See It All! & Premium NY See It All).

3) The SOUP MAN storefront.
The shop that inspired the Soup Nazi on the Seinfeld TV show. (NY See It All! & Premium NY See It All)

4) The “Miracle on the Hudson” site.
See where Captain Chesley (Sully) Sullenberger landed U.S. Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River. (NY See The Best! & NY See It All! & Premium NY See It All)

5) Grand Central Terminal.
See the main concourse ceiling with its “God View” showing the night sky from above, and the Whispering Gallery (NY See The Best!)

6) Four Tallest Buildings in the World. There are four buildings in NYC that served as the tallest building in the world. Many visitors never notice them. (See them all on the NY See It All! & Premium NY See It All tours)

WTC Cross

The Ground Zero Cross

7) The Ground Zero Cross.
This was the cross of steel girders found by the workers at the WTC site and kept as an on-site memorial. (Premium NY See It All)

8) The Imagine mosaic.
See the memorial to John Lennon at Strawberry Fields in Central Park (Sometimes, you get to meet Gary, “The Mayor of Strawberry Fields” (NY See It All! & Premium NY See It All)

9) The Titanic Memorial Lighthouse.
A memorial to the passengers, officers and crew who died when the steamship Titanic sank after collision with an iceberg on April 15, 1912. (NY See It All! & Premium NY See It All)

10) Pier 54.
See where the Carpathia brought back the Titanic survivors in 1912 and where the Lusitania left on her final voyage in 1915. (NY See It All! & Premium NY See It All)

11) The Central Park Zoo.
The Clock from the Central Park Zoo, highlighted in the movie Madagascar. (NY See It All! & Premium NY See It All)

12) Fall Foliage.
See the gorgeous Palisades, the George Washington Bridge, and the US Military Academy at West Point during the best time of year – fall foliage season! (NY See The Foliage!)

13) The Bishop’s Throne in St. Patrick’s Cathedral.
Without this throne, this church could not be called a cathedral. (NY See The Best! Only)

14) The Survivor Tree.
Don’t forget to see the tree that survived the 9/11 attack, then was struck by lightning. It’s a symbol of the resilience of New York City. (NY See It All! & Premium NY See It All)

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