World Financial Center

Another great part of the New York City skyline that’s located in Manhattan, is the complex of buildings that make up The World Financial Center. Tourists can walk through some of the most important American companies on a daily basis. Some great pioneers in great American business that are located in The World Financial Center are Merill Lynch and American Express. The World Financial Center is also home to the phenomenal Winter Garden Atrium.

The World Financial Center is a great place for tourists to visit if they’re interested in successful American businesses, compact architecture, visiting the Winter Garden Atrium, and to see the new designs of One World Trade Center, a sectional of the new World Trade Center.

The World Financial Center was designed by Cesar Pelli, an Argentine American architect known for designing the world’s tallest buildings, like the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo, Japan.  It took 6 years to construct the entire complex entirely, by 1982, and only one moment in 2001, during the September 11 attacks to destroy the western side of the building.      

The Winter Garden Atrium is also a big tourist attraction, attached to The World Financial center, for its beautiful and intricate design. The Atrium is 10 stories of glass and was originally built in 1988. After the September 11 attacks on The World Trade Center, the Atrium was almost completely destroyed. Getting near the Winter Garden Atrium to see the completion of the new structure is also a good tourist stop!


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