The Flatiron Building

Flatiron   Built by the same American architect of Union Station in Washington, D.C., The Flatiron building still stands more than 100 years later in Lower Manhattan south of Madison Square Park. Now in the designated “Flatiron” district, this building holds much history, and many great American stories. Considered to be a groundbreaking skyscraper in it’s youth, The Flatiron building started off as only one of two skyscrapers in Manhattan in 1902.

The original tenants of The Flatiron building were George A. Fuller and The Fuller Company, a building company known to be the pioneers of manufacturing skyscrapers. At the time, these were hard to build safely, but were pulled off by using steel frames for the building structure instead of other materials commonly used in this time. Eventually, The Fuller Company constructed their own building and left The Flatiron building.

Since then the Flatiron has been home to many notorious publishers throughout history. One of these influential publishing companies located within The Flatiron building was Frank Munsey, who was a magazine publishing pioneer of American Architect and Building News, and a “vanity” publisher.

Another past tenant was Equitable Life Assurance Society, an insurance company originated in The U.K. and known as the world’s oldest mutual insurer beginning its operation in 1762. A few small businesses also had a chance to step into the historical tales of The Flatiron building, and even music publishers were located within this skyscrapers unique historical structure.

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