Broadway Show Tickets

Broadway Show Tickets

Broadway – The Great White Way

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Broadway The Street

Did you know Broadway started as a trail paved by Native Americans? Originally called the Wickquasgeck Trail – Broadway now spans nearly 18 Miles through Manhattan and the Bronx. Today, Broadway is best known as the epicenter of musical theatre. I still remember the first musical I ever saw “On Broadway” – a modern version of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Jesus Christ Superstar complete with graffiti backdrops and a jeans-wearing Judas.

Points of Interest

Several notable buildings line Broadway, from the Morgan Stanley Building at 1585 Broadway to the Woolworth Building at 233 Broadway and the Winter Garden Theatre (the awning where OnBoard Tours begins) at 1634 Broadway – this is one street you won’t want to miss!

In 1901, Shep Friedman coined the phrase The Great White Way to describe the stretch of Broadway between 42nd and 53rd street. Today, this area is known as the Theatre District and is home to the best Broadway has to offer. But at the turn of the century this same stretch was one of the first electrically illuminated streets in America.

See It In Real Life

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