St. Patrick’s Cathedral

The Cathedral of St. Patrick, most commonly known as St. Patrick’s Cathedral is a stunningly elaborate Neo-Gothic church originally built in 1858. The cathedral is currently under the observation of Rector Monsignor Robert Ritchie. If you were to visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral in the near future you would experience the start of the first phase of a massive three-phase renovation. The project is projected to progress over the length of five years. The renovation for this historic New York church is expected to cost between 175 to 177 million dollars. The church will continue to open its doors during the transformation and all work will halt during Masses. During the first phase there will be some light up keeping beginning the preparation of the cathedral’s new makeover. Some work may include restoring and extensively cleaning the stained glass windows on the inside and out.Cathedral of St Patrick in New York

St. Patrick’s Cathedral building is made up of brick cladding in marble found in Massachusetts and New York. The famous New York City cathedral is large enough to house 2,220 people as it sits between 50th Street and 51st Street right across from the Rockefeller Center.

Preservation of St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Restoration for the cathedral is in efforts to preserve this New York City landmark. The work is not considered to be cosmetic. It is a necessary process that will ensure St. Patrick’s Cathedral endurance for years to come. Restorative work will take place on the entire Cathedral campus plus a new garden and a tranquil park available to the public for reflection and meditation. Over the next three years the cathedral plans to raise 50 million dollars to secure the completion of the restoration work.

Touring St. Patrick’s Cathedral

You can see St. Patrick’s on the NY See It All! Tour and the Premium NY See It All! However, there is not enough time to enter the cathedral, so we suggest that you walk over to view this spectacular building after your tour. You can walk inside and view the majestic stained glass windows and more. Just ask your tour guide for directions.
-Written by OnBoard Staff Writer Demonte Thomas