Our Tour Guides Hop Off With You

What does that mean? We say it’s the primary reason (there are others) you should take our tour rather than others. Here’s why:

Our competitors have their guides sit on a bus all day with a microphone.

New York Tour Guide talks about Strawberry Fields

Tour Guide Edwin tells the group about Strawberry Fields and John Lennon.

They advertise that you can “hop on and off,” but they don’t mention that the tour guide stays on the bus, which means that when you hop off — YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN! Even worse, when you are ready to hop back on, that generally means waiting in a line as bus after bus passes by with no empty seats.

OnBoard Tours is very different. We assign one shuttle and one tour guide and one driver to each group. That means you NEVER wait for an empty seat because your shuttle and driver wait for you while you view the attractions. It also means that your tour guide can hop off the bus with you and walk you through the attractions. If you hop off our competitors’ bus at the World Trade Center site, it is almost a certainty that you will miss 50% of the things to see, because they are not easy to find. No one from our competitors’ will introduce you to Gary, the “Mayor of Strawberry Fields.” He’s quite a character.

If you want to truly experience New York City. There’s no other choice.