Gray Line Double Decker Tours

Gray Line Double Decker Tours

Gray Line double decker buses have been in New York City for years. However, to call them a tour is a misunderstanding. The hop-on-hop-off bus system is a mode of transportation, but there’s no touring about it. They do have audio recordings on the buses narrating the trip, but if you want a tour of New York City on this system, you are on your own.

The buses have hard plastic seats.

You will have to wait in line for the next bus, and hope that the next one has available seats.

It takes 3 hours to ride around New York City, but it takes a minimum of 8 hours using this tour to see everything you can see on the NY See It All! Tour in 5 1/2 hours.

If you are excited about riding on top of a double decker bus, we suggest you purchase an OnBoard Tour so you get a better tour of NYC, then, when you arrive in New York, if the weather is nice, you can purchase tickets on the Downtown Loop from Gray Line for about $40. It is a good option for transportation to go back to your favorite sites that you saw on the OnBoard tour.

City Sights Double Decker Tours

Most people don’t realize that City Sights is owned by the same company that owns Gray Line. It’s really just one company. City Sights has the same problems Gray Line does. It’s a good mode of transportation, but doesn’t really even qualify to be called a “tour.” How can it be a tour if there’s no tour guide?