New York City Comprehensive Shuttle Tours

New York City Comprehensive Shuttle Tours is a new tour company that copied most of what OnBoard Tours brought to New York City in 2005. The owner is a former employee of OnBoard.

They use tour guides who hop off the bus at stops, but they tend to use larger buses and the tour guides are not as experienced as OnBoard’s (many of whom have been conducting OnBoard tours for eight years).

This is not a bad tour, it’s just overpriced and too long. It also leaves customers to find their own way through the Statue of Liberty ferry process, which can be daunting. Customer complaints include that the bus is larger and the group is larger than advertised, that they were left to fend for themselves without a tour guide during parts of the tour, and that their customer service group was unhelpful.

We think the 5 1/2 hour NY See It All! Tour itinerary is the perfect tour length and shows you everything you want to see in New York City.