SuperBowl in New York City

Top-10 Reasons to Take the NY See It All! Tour

Thinking about taking a New York City sightseeing tour? Here are the top-10 reasons you should choose OnBoard New York Tours for your trip…

10. Rave Reviews for New York’s Best Show on Wheels.

Come see what all the fuss is about. Check out our customers’ comments about our tour.

9. First Class Treatment.

Our small-group size guarantees personal interaction with the tour guide – providing a better experience for each customer. We also have the most comfortable tour vehicles in New York City. And don’t forget the free bottled water on the shuttle. Meet the OnBoard Tour Shuttles.

8. New York’s Finest (tour guides, that is).

When our tour guides tell a story, it’s not just from a script. It’s from the experience and knowledge only a true New Yorker can offer.

7. Boats. Boats. Boats.

The NY See It All! Tour includes a harbor cruise on the World Famous Staten Island Ferry!

6. Coolest Tour in New York.

Our climate-controlled shuttles are warm in winter and cool in summer. Who wants to be on a double-decker bus in the rain, snow, or heat?  If you take a double decker tour, expect to be standing on the street waiting for a bus to come by with empty seats.   Sometimes it takes nearly 2 hours.  WIth our tour, you have a reserved seat all day, and there is no waiting for the bus.

5. We Walk it Like We Talk it.

Where other tours just drive by, we get out and take short walks to explore major attractions. Your tour guide will hop off the bus with you at each attraction. No one else does this. Our NY See It All! Tour combines a bus tour with short walks and a harbor cruise to see the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, and One World Trade Center.

4. It’s New York’s Best Tour Value. Period.

With all the inclusions in our tour, it’s the best value in New York City.

3. NY See It All!

Our customers see more in 5 1/2 hours with us than they would in 2 days with any other tour company in the city. Here are our tour itineraries.

2. We’re Flexible.

Ask us about Private and Foreign Language tours with custom itineraries and hotel or airport pickup.

And, the number one reason to choose OnBoard New York Tours is…

1. It’s Not Just a Tour, It’s an Immersion Experience.

The NY See It All! Tour combines a shuttle tour with short walks and a boat cruise. No one else does that for you.